Version 4.1.2

Download Firmware Package Part 1
Download Firmware Package Part 2

Previous Version 3.0 or higher is required to install this update. If you have already Version 4.0.x installed you need to update to Version 4.0.17 first! Version 4.0.17

Upload the new firmware by using (Editor password):


This update comes in 2 parts. After uploading the first part the device is restarting automatically. This update needs about 13 MByte free memory, see application note if there is less. Previous Version 3.0 is required to install this update.
Online Documentation(en)
Online Documentation(de)

Changed remote configuration ports and https

In version 4.x the remote configuration ports 1005 and 1006 has been changed to 10005 and 10006. The port 1008 is not necessary anymore. Please, take into account that when doing an update remotly that you are able to reconfigure the new ports in your DSL router to 10005 and 10006. In addition the port 443 (HTTPS) is now used. This port has also to be defined in your port forwarding rule.

Step 1

After uploading part 1 and reboot of the device a self signed certificate will be created and the browser appears the follwing message:
The first hint indicates that this page is uncertain. The error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER is displayed. This means that Firefox was unable to verify the certificate issuer on the Internet for this device.

Press the “Advanced” key and then the “Add exception”:

Step 2

Open the page


You are asked for configure a new editor password: You can use the same existing password provided that you uncheck the 'Policy Rule' checkbox.

Clicking on Firmware Upload allows to upload the second part of this new firmware.

Even for the normal visualisation page you are asked for changing the password. However you are allowed to enter “Nothing” (leave input field empty) to allow access the the visulation without any password protection.

Changes in 4.1.2

  • Small bugfixes
  • Additional objects for alarm status and acknowledge
  • Alarm Status can be indicated and controlled as group address event
  • Alarm can be acknowledged via group address

Changes in 4.0.17

  • Small bugfixes
  • Reconnection improved after standby mode in iOS
  • Master-Reset in case password has been forgotten, see Master-Reset

Changes in 4.0.15

  • Small bugfixes
  • The cyclic sending of logical outputs starts only if the input is valid
  • Remote Editor connection fixed when HTTP is blocked

Changes in 4.0.12

  • Small bugfixes

Changes in 4.0.11

  • New Schedule Configuration page for Desktop view
  • New Scene Configuration page for Desktop view
  • Security: only save chiper are supported
  • Security: olny TLS 1.2 is supported
  • Visualisation password protection can be ignored in internal networks, only
  • New parameter to enable/disable the possibility of using the HCC visualalisation in an iFrame of another server
  • SONOS in Version 9 is working

Changes in 4.0.2

  • IP information are shown probably even without previous ETS download
  • customer certificate, once loaded, will not be overridden by changing the IP address and restart

Changes in 4.0.1

  • Password can be changed for API Connection
  • Security improvements

New Features in 4.0.0

The ComBridge HCC version 4.0 supports encrypted HTTPS connections. Pre-installed is a self-signed certificate used, which must be accepted by the calling browser. The browsers react differently to certificates that cannot be verified on the Internet, see Manual chapter 2.6 or Online Documentation

  • Security: HTTPS Server
  • Security: Create a self signed certificate
  • Security: Digist authentitfication
  • Security: other issues according list
  • FTP: Allow only authentified ip address,
  • FTP: connections should have access to certain path, only
  • FTP: open port after successful authentification, only
  • Passord: according policy rules
  • Possibility of loading own certificates
  • Using a Host Name
  • New Config page to collect all important Links and Information
  • Possibility to disable and enable KNXnet/IP connectivity
  • Standalone Editor to be installed on PC
  • Scene configuration accessible via HTML, like scheduler
  • Scheduler with random time offset in order to simulate presence simulation
  • Scheduler with ability to add events
  • New DPT supported:
  • * DPT 232.600 (RGB as 3 byte value)
  • * DPT 251.600 (RGBW as 6 byte)
  • * DPT 7.600 (Colour Temperature)
  • Colour Picker to select a colour available for scene module
  • Colour Picker to select a colour available for schedule module
  • SONOS Interface
  • Philips HUE Interface
  • API Interface to Voxior (3rd party Interface to Alexa, Google Home), see
  • KNXnet/IP Tunnel supports now long frame (apdu=57)
  • KNX Stack supports now long frames (apdu=57)

Improvements in 4.0.0

  • Editor: Sort pages by id and name
  • Chart: show the difference between current and previous value (use case: energy per hour/day/week)
  • Object Status, Date and Time can be used in the visualisation even if no group address has been linked.
  • If no Group Adress is linked, the device will not ack all group addresses

BugFixes 4.0.0

  • Logic does not start automatically after Restore of a project
  • Alarm attachment is not correctly formatted
  • Editor: predefined decimals are lost when linking a group address
  • The weekday is not shown in the date/time element anymore
  • Editor: Copy/ Paste for Virtuals is now working with menu commands and icon.
  • External Link can use special char like &?
  • In Smart Visu the time of an event in a schedule is not preset with predefined time information
  • Restore of project with very long image names is fixed
  • In scens the DPT 20 HVAC can now be used
  • Not acknowledged Group address will be repeated 3 times

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