Please check the free memory before installing the new upadte file. If there is not enough free space, please follow this instruction:

  1. backup your project by File –> Backup
  2. restore defaults by Config –> Restore Defaults
  3. install update package
  4. open the editor and restore your project by File –> Restore
  5. open editor and release all pages again by File –> Release

Information for 2021

In case you are running Version 3 and cannot open the editor anymore, pleased download the following tool: Backup Tool
Please, unzip this file and start BackupTool.exe. You are now able to create a backup and “set to default” in oder to get more memory for the update. This tool allows to execute step 1 and step 2 of procedure, described above, without editor.
This BackupTool is working with firmware version 3.x, only

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