New Connection Manager V1.1.0
can be used for HCC/IPCC


The new ComBridge Editor for all new visualisation systems in the ComBridge range helps the integrator to meet all visualisation requirements. Additionally to 250 communication objects, which can be linked via ETS, there are up to 1000 group addresses available which can be easily used in the editor to configure powerful web pages. Show the ComBridge HCC Flyer :!:

Simply use drag & drop to link them to the control elements. Additional functions include scheduling and logic, scenes, alarms and e-mail service. Get an impression of the visualisation (Image Library) :!:

Change Log
Latest Version: Version 4.1.3 (2020-11-09)
published on 2020-11-09

Previous Version: Version 4.1.2 (2019-10-31)
published on 2019-10-31

Previous Versions

Whats New

  • HTTPS Server for more Security
  • New Online Scene Module
  • New Online Scheduler Module
  • Scheduler with random time offset in order to simulate presence simulation
  • Interface to SONOS
  • Interface to Philips HUE
  • New Datapoint Types, especially for Colour Control
  • Possibility to disable and enable KNXnet/IP connectivity for more security
  • Standalone Editor
  • new configuration and overview pages


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